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Eating Disorder Treatment
Eating disorders, like addictions, can be life threatening and cause stress to others. They are also treatable. We have therapists who specialize in helping patients with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or obesity.

Domestic Violence Program
The state of Florida and Municipal Courts in Broward County refer to our Anger Management Groups. These groups are designed to assist individuals whose inability to manage their anger has caused problems in their personal lives. Individual, couples' and family therapy is also available.

Adult Sex Offender Treatment
The Adult Parole Authority, local courts and other community agencies refer to this program which is designed to help offenders take responsibility for their behavior and end the destructive cycle of abuse. The individual is assessed before placement in group and can obtain additional individual, couples' and family therapy if it is needed. Groups meet weekly for approximately one and a half years.

Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment

The courts in Miami and Broward County refer juveniles who have committed sexual offenses to this program. Goals are similar to the adult program with the prevention of future offenses as the primary goal.

Critical Incident Debriefing
Crisis services are offered to businesses on an emergency basis. Emergencies include critical situations such as: Bank robberies, death of an employee, or adjusting to a major lay-off.

Employee Assistance Program
We have experience providing assessment and referral services to employers who refer employees voluntarily or by mandatory referral.

Divorce Conciliation Assessment
Broward County Domestic Relations Court often orders couples going through a divorce to attend a conciliation assessment to assist the Court in deciding the viability of marriage counseling. This service is also performed on a court ordered basis.

Child Custody Evaluation
We have professional staff with several years experience in conducting child custody evaluations. These evaluations are performed on a volunteered and court  ordered basis.

Safety Service Personnel Evaluation
The Broward County Sheriff's Department and the cities of Broward, may refer newly hired police, dispatchers, firefighters and correction officers for screening evaluations. Fitness-for-Duty evaluations are also performed at the request of local law enforcement agencies.

Community Education Programs
Publish Quarterly Newsletters containing mental health related topics. Provide Public Speakers on request for community groups, institutions, schools or churches. Schedule Educational Talks at our office on topics of interest.

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