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It takes tremendous strength, courage and self-respect to ask for help. Asking for help is an indication that you want a solution to your current situation. We understand how difficult this can be. Though this is difficult we implore you to do it for yourself and those who care for you.

When you contact us, an initial consultation will be scheduled for your earliest convenience. Our staff will call your insurance company for you to determine your mental health coverage. In most instances, you will be seen within a day or two of your initial call.

Upon gaining information at your first session, we then select the most qualified member of our group of mental health experts to personally work with you to design the most effective treatment option for the best possible results. Your input is essential throughout the entire process. Treatment may include individual therapy sessions, family or couples session, or a combination of these. Group therapy is also available for numerous problems. Based on you individual needs, you will be paired with the most appropriate member of our professional staff to personally work on designing the best treatment for you. Appointment for treatment can be made Monday through Saturday, as well as evenings.

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Phone: 888-283-5704 | Fax: 754-200-5155
1800 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316